Mailloop 7.0

Mailloop 7.0 popular features include the ability to:

  • Save an unlimited amount of information about each new subscriber
  • Use custom series of sequential autoresponders
  • Build your list from zero to 1,000s of opt-in subscribers
  • Manage and reduce your "bounce backs"
  • Use a "confirmed opt-in system" that can be turned on and off
  • Manage an unlimited number of lists at no extra cost
  • Send yourself "test" messages at multiple "test accounts"
  • Automatically distribute all of your eBooks and registration codes
  • Process your "subscribes" and "unsubscribes" in real-time

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Mailloop 7.0 software is delivered via electronic download, so you can start using Mailloop within minutes of completing your order.



State-of-the-art book publishing with EBook Pro

Products that can be delivered electronically over the Internet have a tremendous advantage over anything else that you might decide to market online. Problems like expensive delivery charges, wrong addresses, stocking and packaging delays, snail mail slow downs, etc. are entirely eliminated - with eBook Pro. eBook Pro is not only a superior (and user friendly) software for packaging information, it also gives you far more security and control than other programs or packaging options. There's no longer any reason for you to be taking dangerous risks with your business. Now your computer can deliver your products instantly and automatically (with zero cost) over the Internet. eBook Pro can even:

  1. Capture your customers' credit card numbers
  2. Wire their money directly into your bank account
  3. Enter their customer contact information into your own private database.
  4. Revoke ebook serial numbers from working if a customer demands a refund
  5. Turning your written files into a fully functional and secure eBook is as simple as clicking the "Next" button on the Compile Wizard! Compile Wizard automatically takes all of your files -- your written report, your video, your audio, and whatever you've decided to include in your eBook -- and compiles it into a single professional looking product, ready for download!

With eBook Pro, your eBooks are easy to produce, they're cost-effective, and they have the potential to generate insane amounts of profit with relatively little effort on you part!


STOP.... Are YOU at risk?

How to prevent nasty thieves from STEALING your eBook!

WARNING.... If you currently sell an eBook -- and you ARE NOT using eBook Pro 6.0 secure publishing technology yet -- your business may be at risk!

It's the oldest scam in the eBook business...

Your "customer" buys your eBook, and then sends you an e-mail 5 minutes later demanding a refund!

They've already downloaded your eBook and saved it to their computer so they can read it (or print it out) later.

They are simply taking advantage of you by demanding their money back... so that they can legally "steal" your product!

And -- until now -- there was nothing you could do about this "legal loophole."

With eBook Pro 6.0, the joke's on them... Because YOU can actually "deactivate" any eBook from right inside the software!

If someone asks for a refund or puts a "chargeback" on their credit card, you simply "deactivate" their eBook so that, when the eBook checks back with our server, it becomes unavailable to that user!


Increase your sales by 200% with 'Free Trial' and 'Preview' eBooks!

Want to increase your sales by 200% (or more)? Well, here's a hot selling tip...

Since eBook Pro 6.0 gives you full control over every single eBook you sell or give away, it's easy to sell "free trial" eBooks or even "free preview" eBooks that give readers full or partial access to your information for a limited time.

Simply sell your "free trial" for $0... $1.. or even $2.99 -- promise the reader FULL or PARTIAL access to your eBook for 30 days. If they like it, they keep it and you charge their credit card the remaining $47... $97... $179... or whatever your eBook costs.

If they DON'T like the eBook, they simply say "no thanks" -- and you shut off their eBook access from the eBook Pro 6.0 control panel. It's that easy!

Another word on security...

Some rookie marketers will tell you to simply put your eBook up at a website that is "password protected," meaning your customers have to enter a password before they can access that site and download your eBook.


If you do this, you stand to lose anywhere between 30-50% of your sales due to "password sharing," where your customers simply give your password out to their friends and family -- or even post it on the Internet for anyone to see!

eBook Pro 6.0 eliminates this problem by assigning EVERY customer a unique username and password combination.

And eBook Pro 6.0 will (by default) only allow that username and password combination to be used ONCE. If anyone besides your customer tries to "unlock" your eBook using that combination, they will be denied access!




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