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The Logo Creator Software by Laughingbird

Laugingbird software creates some of the most innovative graphic software products available, such as The Logo Creator. This is a primary product in's effort to help computer users to increase their self-reliance, simultaneously reducing the need to spend on expensive graphics professionals: it is also a great time saving and highly useful tool for those already skilled in computer graphics. The Logo Creator is an easy to use and very economical product which allows you to create a wide array of logos and graphics for business or individual purposes.
  • Logos can be finely tweaked to your own personal, custom requirements with a dramatic ease.
  • Import graphics into the friendly user interface, or use something from the extended array of predrawn logos and logo elements.
  • Export to high quality and web-ready jpgs and pngs, as well as other commonly used graphic formats, in a variety of pre-programmed image size/resolutions.
  • The highly intuitive user interface will have you up and running in no time, with virtually no need to read a manual for most users, to get to where you want to go. 
And the best thing? Spectacular, cutting edge professional graphic output to represent your business, your website, or your identity, without the invoice of the graphic designer! Plenty of product information exists on the product website: just click on the image above to obtain further details and to buy the software. The Logo Creator is instantly downloadable, so you could be producing cutting edge graphics in just minutes from now!

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