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Not able to process credit cards whilst you are on the road?

Paying a bank large monthy fees for a mobile processing service?


Now, process credit cards in real-time on your mobile phone, anywhere you have a mobile signal! No ongoing monthly fees, no having to carry around unnecessary, unwieldy dedicated mobile payment processing devices.

Contact OzByte.com now for a better mobile payments processing solution.

Website E-Commerce


OzByte.com can create fully featured E-Commerce Content Management System websites that securely accept major credit cards and direct bank transfers, and sell either tangible goods, services, or digital downloadable products.

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Also see how OzByte.com can provide you with non-bank mobile phone credit card processing facilities.

Web Sites

OzByte.com can design any type of site for any purpose, from individual sites through to major corporate presences.

We specialise in Content Management Systems, and our goal is to enable customers to administer their own backends through knowledge and training, thus saving the headaches of dependency upon any IT support department.

We are also economical, and are not one of those IT companies that will charge you $20,000 for a content management system website. In some cases the cost can be less than 1/10th of that.

OzByte.com can also configure full e-commerce equipped secure websites. We can also configure e-commerce for use over the mobile network, so that your web browsing mobile phone or smartphone can take credit card payments, without the need to have to carry around a dedicated device to process the credit card payments--and without the ongoing bank charges that are normally associated with such convenience.

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