Unlimited Website Hosting

Host your own website (like www.yourdomain.com) with OzByte.com and enjoy unlimited space for holding your website, unlimited traffic at no extra cost, and email boxes of unlimited size, for only $29.99 per month.

Special Terms and Conditions of this offer: The offer is subject to a fair use condition that webhosting and email space are used for the purposes for which they are intended and not as bulk file storage facilities. If you want bulk file storage facilities, use a file sharing server. Usage may be deemed unfair at the discretion of OzByte.com, and legitimate users need not worry that their usage will ever be curtailed--but those trying to exploit the system (you do know when you are doing this!) will not be permitted to use OzByte.com services within the parameters of the 29.99 per month offer.

Unlimited website spaces come with direct ftp access if required, or they can be part of a website package or other services supplied by OzByte.com. Additional charges apply for any work on the web hosting space, and a small one off fee applies for the creation of email addresses. Other general terms and conditions of Ozbyte.com services are always applicable.

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